Calendar Events

R U OK? Day Presentations

R U OK Day has also become a fixed calendar item in many organisations. This annual event has become iconic as an opportunity to ‘normalise’ personal enquiry about friends and colleagues that we believe are struggling.

It is an excellent opportunity to undertake a Lunchbox or Heealth and Safety presentation dedicated to skilling staff in the art of reaching out sensitively to others. R U OK Day this year will be on September 8th. Why not speak to us about getting the most from this opportunity.

Mental Health Week Presentations

Mental Health Week has become an important focus for organisations seeking to take a proactive stance toward ensuring that their staff are mentally resilient and positively engaged, as well as addressing mental health concerns and supporting those within their organisations that suffer from mental health issues. Mental Health Week 2016 will run from Sunday 9th through Saturday 15th of October. Speak to us about the ways that we can assist your organisation to be bringing out the best in your people and proactively assisting them in a time of need.

World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day is an initiative undertaken by the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP). It was initiated to reduce the stigma about discussion of issues regarding suicide. It is generally undertaken on or about the day that R U OK? Day occurs.

Bespoke presentations are available in consultation with Bradshaw Veenhuizen Psychology