Coaching is provided to develop proficiency in an area of responsibility in the workplace. As such our approach to coaching differs from our approach to counselling in that its focuses is less on problem solving (though it may focus there for a time) and more on improvement of self-understanding, skill development and execution of agreed goals.

As a development process, the relationship between ourselves and those seeking coaching is formally contracted and confidential. As a service external to the organisation, coaching is not mentoring or consulting. It is a process tailored to each individual and usually occurs at the intersection of personal needs and goals, and the individual’s trajectory within their organisation.

Coaching is available for individuals in the workplace who wish to:

  • Build on strengths and gain advancement in their organisation
  • Move or have moved into supervisory or management levels of responsibility and wish to hone their skills for this task
  • Wish to take their work group, team, division or company to a new level of vision and performance.